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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help teens and adults experiencing symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges, and Learning Differences overcome uncertainty, career anxiety, and self-doubt so they can thrive in a life and career they love.

What Is the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ Membership?

The ADHD JOB SQUAD™ Membership teaches straightforward, effective career development strategies and provides judgment free support to adults experiencing symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges and Learning Differences.

Whether you’re trying to figure out your career fit, find a job you like, or succeed at work, an ADHD JOB SQUAD™ Membership will help you reach your goals. It’s designed by certified ADHD and Career Coach Lynn Miner-Rosen to provide tried and true strategies and a supportive environment to help someone overcome uncertainty, career anxiety, and self-doubt through all aspects of the career development process.

The membership is a low cost alternative to private career coaching where members get seven monthly live interactions and career development coaching opportunities with Lynn.  We don’t want to compete with you or steal your coaching clients.  We want to partner with you and fill any gaps when it comes to career development caoching.

Click here to learn more about the specific features of the membership and who the membership is meant for. 

Our goal for 2021 = 500 members in our membership

We Want to Partner with You

In order to reach our 2021 goal and to help fill a need of providing affordable career development coaching for people with ADHD, ADD and executive functioning deficits, we want to partner with you. We don’t want to compete with you or steal your clients.  We want to share the revenue from any client of yours that signs up for any of our products.  You'll receive a 20% commission paid quarterly.

To make things easy and to get things started, fill out our affiliate form and get immediate access to our affiliate portal where you will find your unique share link.  You'll use this link to promote any of the ADHD JOB SQUAD™ products including the membership, workshops, expert conversations or courses and receive a 20% commission which we pay out quarterly.


How to Promote the ADHD JOB SQUAD™

Once you have signed up as an affililate we will offer suggestions on ways to promote the ADHD Job Squad products including headlines, email copy and digital graphics.  Our team is happy to help and to support your marketing efforts.  We’ll also send you a monthly email with some creative ideas along with “what’s new”.  

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